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Quadrant Plastics and Ricconics

Quadrant Engineer Plastic Products’ TIVAR® ECO UHMW-PE Product of Choice for Ricconics Truck Aerodynamic Solutions


Reading, Pa., March 8, 2012 - Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products' TIVAR®  ECO UHMW-PE  was selected by Ricconics as a key material to produce RADIUS™ advanced aerodynamic trailer side skirts, which are specially designed to create optimal airflow for improved fuel economy in a lighter, smaller, and more effective package.

Quadrant's TIVAR ECO UHMW-PE was chosen for its wear-resistance, impact-resistance and corrosion- resistance all while enabling expansion and contraction required in changing temperature environments that will allow RADIUS owners to cut maintenance costs, reduce energy consumption and extend the life of their equipment.

The impact strength of this lightweight UHMW material allows RADIUS trailer skirts to deflect wind and redirect airflow aerodynamically, which reduces trailer drag and significantly increases fuel economy. This makes a difference in long haul operations as the operating costs continue to climb.

Typical tractor-trailers travel more than 125,000 miles per year - each averaging approximately 21,000 gallons of diesel fuel. In this case, using the RADIUS technology could reduce fuel consumption by more than 1,000 gallons and save almost $4,000 per year.

RADIUS is uniquely positioned to allow fleets and owner-operators and ensure compliance with greenhouse gas emission objectives. Additionally, this green cycle solution is made with TIVAR ECO UHMW-PE.  A recycled grade manufactured by Quadrant EPP in an effort to improve the use of natural resources and environmental sustainability.

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About Quadrant EPP

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products (EPP) is the global leader of high-performance engineering plastics that are used for machined parts in food processing and packaging, semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, chemical processing, life sciences, power generation and diverse industrial equipment. Its superior products range from UHMW polyethylene, nylon and acetal to ultra-high performance polymers that resist temperatures to over 800°F (425°C).

With a rich history as a company who pioneered machinable plastics, Quadrant is backed by a global team of application development and technical service engineers who specialize in evaluating designs and machining parts. Learn more about Quadrant at www.quadrantplastics.com. Use the Industry or Product Finders to access specific information, specs and applications.

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