The BIG Picture - RADIUS Semi Side Skirt

Why RADIUS? In short, margin and optimized design.

Benefits for the user translate directly into opportunities for the manufacturer

For the manufacturer:

  • High efficiency design creates maximum results with optimal material and length vs. traditional technology
  • Geometry creates optimal structural strength allowing for the lowest possible material volume and maximized margin
  • The applicable market size is millions of units and market demand is rapidly expanding
  • RADIUS MID (Material Independent Design) allows use of recycled low-cost panels to yield greater initial margin and on-going consumable stream profitability
  • Modular design allows minimized logistical costs and warehousing overhead

Secure Patented Design

Ricconics patented RADIUS designs, including SEVEN associated PUBLISHED PATENTS, ensure that all involved parties have the assurance that the most complete defense of their solution is covered.  Contact us to know more about our products and additional technology applications.


For truck aerodynamics, it is hard to beat the winning combination of low manufactured cost and best in class perfomance - plus, the RADIUS semi side skirt allows manufacturers to give their customers the option of a green solution with skirts made of recycled materials. 

Take a trip on any freeway or turnpike and it is likely that there will be a tractor trailer with an aerodynamic fairing or semi side skirt. However, with an estimated 2,000,000 fleet units on the road and millions more additional non-fleet related trailers, the market is still in its infancy. There is a large market potential for application of semi side skirts.  

Typical tractor-trailers travel more than 125,000 miles per year, with each tractor consuming almost 21,000 gallons of diesel fuel. Over this range, RADIUS advanced aerodynamic side skirt technology can be anticipated to reduce fuel consumption by almost 1,000 gallons**, reducing cost per year by $4,000**, at current rates. Due to the excellent performance of the system and its lower manufactured cost, the revenue and margin opportunities for the manufacturer are exceptional.


For the user:

  • Immediate retrofit to new and old trailers, accommodating all I-Beam trailer frames
  • Modular design allows ease of installation in lightweight sections
  • Geometry creates a strong structure with minimum weight and material cross section
  • Ultra-high tear and wear resistant materials with consistent color throughout yields a clean look, hides scratches and road wear
  • High efficiency design allows shorter overall length to allow access under the trailer and accommodates the widest range of chassis components

 **Statements of performance and competitive positions are subject to change and are not guaranteed.