High Energy and CPA (Compellingly Positive Attitude...)

With a passion for innovation, Rick is continuously working on products, people, and processes. Whether maximizing margin on the business platform in China, optimizing the proforma financials for strategic investment, or patenting a technology in magnetic induction heating, Rick is energetically engaged and spreading his "we can do this" enthusiasm.

As a compellingly positive achiever, his work has enabled global corporate success. Accelerating revenue generation through product innovation and portfolio expansion has been further bolstered through his skill in effectively managing cross-functional teams. He possesses a practical ability to quickly assess situations, guide staff, and generate and maintain corporate enthusiasm to attain goals - and translating strategic needs into tangible short and long term goals that everyone can understand is a hallmark.

Author of fifteen patents and actively engaged in three companies, there are few executives with the energy and ability to maintain Rick's constant pace. 

Rick also recently released a book on generating opportunities, Something To Do While You're Waiting, and in January 2016, released The Midnight Guitar - Guitar Building, An Acoustic Archtop.