EPA SmartWay Verified Semi Side Skirt

Unique RADIUS geometry allows thin cross-section, low weight-excellent flexibility while remaining rigid in the airstream 

RADIUS represents a significant advancement over existing first and second-generation side skirts, taking aerodynamic improvement to an entirely new level in a lighter, smaller, more effective package.

The optimized design of RADIUS reduces trailer drag and dramatically increases fuel economy through use of a patented geometry. As operating costs continue to climb due to fuel prices and increasing government regulations, there is an increasing focus and priority on maximizing margin in long haul operations. RADIUS is uniquely positioned to allow fleets and owner-operators to maximize margin and minimize their fuel costs and ensure compliance with greenhouse gas emission objectives.

RADIUS is unique: Use of a higher efficiency design means a shorter skirt with less material and less weight. Plus, the patented geometry allows the use of thinner material, and importantly, enables use of recycled material for lowest possible cost. 


Ricconics Innovation Corporation. L.L.C.